Luxurious time and space
just for you...


Offering you "Luxurious time and space" and "Great authentic food"
Wishing to be "The beloved ryokan"

In order for guests at Karoi to feel comfortable and relaxed, we do not provide accommodation for guests aged 6 years or younger.
Furthermore, all our rooms are non-smoking. Enjoy a relaxing time at Karoi.

KAROI Room Information

    This is a new type of Japanese ryokan.
    Please enjoy the luxurious time and atmosphere at KAROI.



1. Guest Care
Guest care is the most important service. We educate our staff to be attentive to know guests' needs. Please let us know if you are not satisfied with our service.
2. Ensure Privacy
Our staff will not enter your room without your permission except when: taking you to your room after checking in and laying out your futons (Japanese-style bedding) in a Japanese-style room. We do not fold up the futons if not requested.


1. Drinks
Coffee, tea, and other drinks are available all day long. Soft drinks and beers are also available at night.
2. Foot Bath
There is a foot bath in front of the lounge to relieve tired feet.
3. Massage Chairs
Free massage chairs are available.
4. Library
Not only books related to history and culture of Shiga prefecture and Lake Biwa, you can find newspapers and easy-to-read books.
360° VIEW


1.Check-in and Check-out
You can check in and out while you sit down in the lounge. The check in time is 14:00 p.m. and check out time is 11:00 a.m.
2. Non-Smoking
Smoking is permitted only in a designated smoking area. Please respect the policy.


1. Room
Bed is available in Japanese-style (tatami mat) room.
2. Bed
Simmons' pocket coil mattress and a feather pad promise you a good night's sleep.
3. Tea Set
Coffee, tea, and other drinks are available in the room.
4. Amenity
We have shampoo, conditioner, and other bath products from the Verbena collection by the French brand L'Occitane.
Verbena features the scents of plants that grow in Provence. It has a citrusy freshness with subtle, sweet undertones.
5. Room with Open-air Bath
Every room has an open-air bath. Of course it is Ogoto Hot Spring.
6. Shower Room
The shower is an over head one to make the shower room warm quicker. Also it has an appropriate lighting level.
7. Bathrobe
We offer you the best quality bathrobe. After soaking in the open-air bath, please relax in the bathrobe.
8. Bathing towel
We prepare a good quality towel for both face and body.
9. Refrigerator
Peltier element type refrigerator is quiet and environmentally friendly.
KAROI Room Information


1. Head Chef
Our up-and-coming head chef strives to create food that is tasty and visually beautiful.
2. Serve Warm Food Warm and Cold Food Cold
To serve warm food warm and cold food cold, we serve food in a Japanese restaurant with an open kitchen “Shougetsu” not in your room.
Please enjoy our head chef’s special Japanese cuisine.
3. Ceramic Ware
Japanese food is pleasant to the eyes as well as the palate. We carefully select ceramic ware to enhance the appearance of the food.
4. Local Ingredients
We find and source the best ingredients possible especially from our local area to serve you the best food.
5. Breakfast
We offer you a fish-based breakfast that is easy on the stomach.
6. Restaurant Shougetsu
You can dine in a private restaurant. The floor heating keeps you warm in winter.
7. Drinks
A wide variety of alcoholic drinks that goes well with Japanese food is selected by our head chef.


1. Yukata
You can choose Yukata and Obi (belt) you like at the KAROI lounge.
2. Wireless LAN
Free Wireless LAN is available throughout in HANARE KAROI.
3. Spa Yuu
You can go through a “Secret Path” to our Spa “Yuu” located on the sixth floor. Please experience a touch of luxury at Yuu.