Visit a Diverse Range of Hot Springs

You can enjoy the sense of openness while gazing out across Lake Biwa.
My first choice out of hot spring baths was "Indoor Bath with Lake View: Kobo-no-Yu".
True to its name, soaking in the hot spring bath while savoring the view of the lake heals my heart and body.
As the bath is lit up at night, it totally enhances the view of Lake Biwa.
Which bath should I take next?

Origin of Ogoto Hot Springs

It has been said that Ogoto Hot Springs were opened about 1,200 years ago by Saicho, however there is another story…
Once upon a time, there lived a snake that had 8 heads in a valley named “Hebigatani” and the valley that the snake lived had a pond called “Nenbutsuike”. When a villager said a prayer and threw in a coin, the groundwater bubbled and the villager got his wish. It is said the pond turned into Ogoto Hot Springs.

Open-air Bath"Togenshoyo"



You can try a variety of hot spring baths, such as Lying hot spring bath, Steam sauna, and Spacious open-air bath surrounded by rich nature.
You will be immersed in a rustic atmosphere filled with comfort.

  • "Togenshoyo" and "Gesshin-no-Yu" are switched daily for male or female guests.
  • Hours 5:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m. (close for cleaning 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
  • There is no inner bath.

Open-air Bath on Top Floor"Gesshin-no-Yu"



Great view in open atmosphere

This hot spring bath is where you can feel the change of four seasons with your all five senses.
It must be a blissful moment to think of nothing and just look at the moon.

  • "Gesshin-no-Yu" and "Togenshoyo" are switched daily for male or female guests.
  • There is no inner bath. You can also enjoy an open-air bath made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) or a foot bath.

Indoor Bath with Lake View"Kobo-no-Yu"


Overlook Magnificent View of Lake Biwa

The Lake Biwa has 400 years of history. You can gaze out the beautiful view of the lake while indulging in "Kobo-no-Yu".
It will heal yourself in a spacious bath and helps you to relieve the stresses of your busy life.

  • "Kobo-no-Yu" and "Sanbo-no-Yu" are switched daily for male or female guests.

Indoor Bath"Sanbo-no-Yu"


You can view Mount Hiei, clear blue sky, and mountains while soaking in "Sanbo-no-Yu".

  • "Sanbo-no-Yu" and "Kobo-no-Yu" are switched daily for male or female guests.

Two Private Open-air Baths

Wood Scent and Stones to Heal Yourself
Ki-no-Ka offers a great sense of space, comfort and luxury that makes it difficult for you to leave.
Small and Comfortable Atmosphere
You can enjoy the private moments with your partner while listening to "Ishi-no-Ne (Stone sound)" that releases your heart.
Guests Staying with Us, or Using a Lunch or Dinner Plan

1 entry, 50 minutes: 7,000 yen (tax included)