About making reservations

How can I make a reservation?
If you scroll down, an accommodation day search form will appear at the bottom of the screen. Those who want to book by selecting a day should enter the dates they wish and click the search button.
Those who want to book a specific Accommodation Plan should click on the brown Accommodation Plans button, and those who want to book a specific room type should click on the gray Availability By Room Type button.

About the Room Rates

How much is the room?
Room rates are based on the following factors: Seasons, days of the week, room types, meal types, and number of people. For details, please refer to Room Rates.
How much do you charge for children?
We charge 70% of adult rates for schoolchildren. Children's dinners are similar to adult dinners. For pre-school children (3-6 years old), we charge 50%. The dinner is a children's meal. For a pre-school child who doesn't need a bed or meal, we charge 3,300 yen(including tax). However, for a schoolchild who doesn't need a bed and meal, we charge 70%. For children under 2 years old we don't charge, but beds and yukatas are not provided.
Our 4-year-old son doesn't eat much, but we want a yukata and bed for him. How much do you charge?
3,300 yen(including tax). If you need them later, a bed is 1,100 yen(including tax) and a yukata is 220 yen(including tax).
Room rates are different depending on the number of people. Do we include children when calculating the number?
Yes. A schoolchild is counted as one guest. A pre-school child is counted as half a guest. For example, if you are a group of two adults, a schoolchild and a 4-year-old child, the rates for 3 people will apply. If you are a group of two adults, a schoolchild and two 4-year-old children, the rates for 4 people will apply. Pre-school children who don't need food and a bed are not counted when calculating the number of people.

About Hotel Facilities

Are there many rooms that have an open-air bath?
Our guest rooms with an en-suite open-air bath include 11 Kotone rooms (which opened on July 30, 2022), the special suite Akane-no-Ma on the 10th floor of the Gesshin building, and 10 rooms in Hanare Karoi (which opened on July 1, 2013).
Renovations completed in November 2019 converted three of our rooms into semi suites with an en-suite open-air bath.
Do we need a reservation for the private bath or we can just ask for it after we arrive?
It's subject to availability. If you want to use it at your desired hour, we recommend that you make a reservation.
From what time is the private bath available?
We also have private open-air baths: Ki-no-Ka (available for 50 minutes from 10 past every hour) and Ishi-no-Ne (available for 50 minutes from on the hour every hour).
The reception opening hours are from 7:00 to 9:00, and from 13:00 to 22:00.
Note: For guests who only come to use the baths, we only take reservations for 13:00, 14:00, and 15:00.
Note: Please understand that we may sometimes close the reception for the large communal baths if we expect them to get crowded.
Is the warm water in the shower coming from the hot spring?
Yes, but only in the guest rooms with an open-air bath in the Gesshintei, Kotone, Semi suites and Hanare Karoi. In other buildings, the warm water is not supplied by the hot spring.
Can day trip guests bathe in the hot spring?
Baths are available for 2,000 yen (including tax) per person. The same fee applies for children. Open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., maximum stay 4 hours.  Please stop by any time. We have shampoo and towels ready for you at the hotel.

For Your Comfortable Stay

Do you have a big yukata for my husband?
Yes, we have all sizes. After you arrive, please ask our staff about the size.
I cannot sleep on a soft pillow.
Don't worry. We have hard pillows as well.
Do you have a wheelchair?
Yes, we have two. They can be reserved upon request.
Are there some steps inside your hotel?
The hotel stands on a sloping site, so there are some steps. However, we have slopes and handrails in some areas.

About Food

We want to have the best food you can offer.
In that case, please choose the "Seasonal cuisine" . The menu changes every two months to offer you the best seasonal food.
Where do we eat?
Food will be served in private dining rooms, a banquet hall, or in the dining room (opened October 10, 2018). However, you cannot choose where to have it served.
Can you change the menu if we can't eat certain ingredients?
We can change the menu if you let us know at least 3 days before your stay. If ingredients you can't eat are included in the menu, we will prepare alternative dishes for you. Please let us know if you there are any foods you are allergic to.


How do we get to the hotel?
If you are coming by JR train, we can pick you up at JR Ogoto station.If you are coming by car, it takes about 20 minutes from the nearby expressway exit to the hotel. For details, please refer to Location.
Do you have a parking lot?
Yes. Our parking lot is located in front of the hotel. There is space for 40 cars. Free of charge.
Can we have a birthday party in your hotel?
Yes, we can prepare cake and bouquet with additional fee. Feel free to ask our staff if you need anything.
Are there bath towels and hand towels in the bathroom?
Yes. They are in your room.
How about shampoo, conditioner and shower caps?
Yes. They are available in the bathrooms.
What are the check-in and checkout times?
The check-in time is at 3:00pm. However, you can check in before if your room is ready.The checkout time is at 10:00am. If you are staying in the Gesshintei building we don't charge for late checkout until 11:00am.
Do you allow pets?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow any pets, although we do permit guide dogs.
Are there any restaurants around the hotel where we can have dinner and breakfast?
There are no restaurants immediately around the hotel, but there is a casual dining restaurant about a kilometer away (approx. 13-minute walk)
How do we get to the hotel from Kansai Airport / Kyoto / the hotel we will be staying at on the previous night?
If you are taking JR from Kansai International Airport, get on the Kansai Airport Express, HARUKA, and alight at Kyoto.  If you are taking the limousine bus, alight at Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi.  From Kyoto Station, take the Kyosei Line and alight at Ogoto Onsen Station.  Please call us when you get to the station.  If you are taking the special rapid train, please call us from Hieizan Sakamoto Station.  (Free dial: 0120-4126-15) A bus bearing the Yumotokan logo will be come to pick you up.
* Please be aware that our shuttle bus service ends at 19:00.