Yumotokan is located only 20 minutes form Kyoto!

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Access by Train

From Kansai Int'l Airport or Kyoto

  • Kansai Int'l Airport
  • JR limited express train "Haruka" (about 75 minutes)
  • JR Kyoto station
  • JR Kosei Line (about 20 minutes)
  • Ogoto-onsen station

Please go to a platform 3 for JR Kosei line at JR Kyoto station. (Note: The platform is rarely changed to 2.) Please take either train bound for Katata, Omimaiko, Imazu, Nagahara, or Tsuruga.
A 5-minute drive (about 1.5 km) from Ogoto-Onsen Station.

From Kobe, Osaka or Takatsuki

  • JR Osaka station
  • New rapid train on JR Kosei Line (about 50 minutes)
  • Hieizan-sakamoto station

Guests coming from the Kobe, Osaka or Takatsuki areas and using the JR Kosei Line Special Rapid train are advised to get off at Hieizan-Sakamoto Station, which is one station before Ogoto-Onsen Station.
A 10-minute drive (about 2.5 km) from Hieizan-Sakamoto Station.

Shuttle bus service

We have shuttle bus service from Ogoto-Onsen Station,
Hieizan-Sakamoto Station, Sakamoto-hieizanguchi Station or the Sakamoto Cable Sakamoto Station.

Ogoto-Onsen Station
If you give us a call (+81-77-579-1111), we will be happy to pick you up in 5 minutes from the station.
Please wait for us in front of a taxi stand at the Ogoto-onsen station.
Hieizan-Sakamoto Station
Please inform us of your arrival time in advance if you would like to use this service.
Sakamoto-hieizanguchi Station
Sakamoto Cable Sakamoto Station
We have shuttle bus service from Keihan Railway Ishiyama Sakamoto Line's last station, Sakamoto-hieizanguchi Station and Sakamoto Cable Sakamoto Station.
It will take about 15 minutes for the car to get there, so please call before you get on the train.
  • *If you use the train, please get off at Ogoto Onsen Station.

We have a pick-up service available from 13:30 to 19:00

Access by Car

From Kyoto-higashi IC to Yumotokan via Nishi-Otsu Bypass (Bypass 161)
(about 20 minutes)

Fastest Way

  • Exit Kyoto-higashi IC1
  • Proceed in the direction
    of Lake Biwa2
  • Nishi-Otsu Bypass3
  • Exit Shimosakamoto4
  • Drive the side road of the Bypass
  • Turn right
    at the sixth traffic lights
    (Heiwado is on your left)5
  • Turn left
    at the second traffic lights
    (Hieitsuji 2 higashi)6
  • Turn left
    at the fourth traffic lights
  • Yumotokan
Fastest Way

Easier Way

  • Exit Kyoto-higashi IC
  • Proceed in the direction of Lake Biwa
  • Nishi-Otsu Bypass
  • Exit Oogi-Ogoto IC
  • Turn right
  • Turn right at the intersection "Kita-Ogoto"
  • Turn right at the fourth traffic lights (Ogoto-chuo)
  • Yumotokan
Easier Way

From Meishin Ritto IC to Yumotokan via the Biwako-ohashi(about 35 minutes)

We recommend that you exit from Kyoto-higashi IC and take Nishi-Otsu Bypass (161 Bypass) instead of crossing the Biwako-ohashi Bridge since the road often has a traffic jam in weekends, public holidays, and long holiday weekends.

  • Exit Ritto IC
  • Proceed in the direction of Omihachiman
  • Turn left at the intersection "Tsuji"
  • Go straight for a few km
  • Cross the Biwako-ohashi Bridge
  • Turn left at the second traffic lights (Route 161)
  • Go straight for about 5 km
  • Turn right at the Ogoto-chuo traffic light
  • Yumotokan
charging stands for electric cars

For guests traveling by electric car

We have charging stands for electric cars. Our parking lot has charging stations for electric vehicles.
You can charge your vehicle using the ENECHANGE app or an EV charging card.
*Reservation is required

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