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With a history of about 400 years, Ohmi beef is one of the top three Wagyu (Japanese beef) brands.

What is Ohmi beef?

The top three Wagyu brands in Japan are "Ohmi beef", "Matsuzaka beef", and "Kobe beef". Among these, Ohmi beef has a reputation for its tenderness, unique sweet flavor, and profound taste. The flavor will spread throughout your mouth.

Ohmi beef
Ohmi beef

There are two key reasons why Ohmi beef has been loved for many years.
First, Ohmi cattle are raised in an environment surrounded by bountiful nature and water. It makes better high marbling score.
Second, Ohmi merchant had a concept of "Sanpou-yoshi" (benefit for all three sides). Their pride to do a good business has enhanced Ohmi beef's reputation.

Attract Gourmets

Good beef is determined by the fat content. Ohmi beef has lower melting point of 24.8 degree while the normal Wagyu beef is 29 degree, thus you can digest it quickly. In addition to having a very fine meat grain, this meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity.

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We take full advantage of the delicious taste to offer you as a Kaiseki style meal. You can enjoy it as a sirloin steak or in Shabu Shabu.
Please be amazed by the softness and sweet flavor of the beef.

Award Winning (Champion) Cattle

We serve you "Highest class Ohmi beef" which is selected by "Ohmi beef" production, circulation promotion conference. As Ohmi beef is one of the best Wagyu brands in Japan, the champion cattle is the best of the best. At Yumotokan, we ask our butcher to purchase the dressed carcass of the award winning cattle to provide our guests.

Please fully enjoy the world-renowned Ohmi beef that makes meat-lovers dizzy with delight.

Award Winning (Champion) Cattle
Highly Selected Ohmi Beef
We offer you Kaiseki dinner with Grade A5 Ohmi beef
using homemade soy sauce together with rock salt.
Ohmi Beef
True Luxury is Here
The chuck eye roll (called "Kurashita loin") has melt-in-your-mouth texture.
The sirloin has moderate marbling and tenderness.
We offer you one of these beefs. Please relish the rich and juicy flavor.
Special Sauce and Rock Salt
Special Sauce and Rock Salt
Ohmi beef is served with special sauce made with fruits and seasoning together with grated onions. Rock salt has rich mineral but not so much bitterness. It is a perfect match with beef.