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Restaurant Shougetsu SHOUGETSU
Restaurant Shougetsu

Feel Warmth of Wood and Tatami
You can enjoy your food hot and fresh here at Restaurant "Shougetu" in Gesshin building.
There are eight individual spaces including a room with a rock-garden style to relax and enjoy our exquisite food.

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Shousoutei SHOUSOTEI

Savor Stylish Ambience
Shousoutei has 7 small banquet halls for small groups (from 2 to 14 people). Please feel free to make yourself at home and enjoy our cuisine.

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Restaurant Aya AYA
Restaurant Aya

Aya has six rooms with a table.
Please stretch your legs and enjoy Japanese-style cuisine served with local ingredients.

Restaurant Aya Restaurant Aya

Ogoto Hot Spring YUMOTOKAN facilities
Restaurant Kisshotei KISSHOTEI
Restaurant Kisshotei


Kisshotei has three rooms (Matsu, Take, and Ume).
In September 2010, the Japanese-style restaurant was re-opened after renovation.
Now, it has tables and chairs. The concept is "Your feet can relax".
You can choose a room according to your taste and purpose. Please stretch your legs and enjoy your meal in a specious room.

Restaurant Kisshotei Restaurant Kisshotei



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Restaurant Shougetsu Shousoutei Aya Kisshotei
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