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My wife and I decided to visit Yumotokan alone for the
first time in many years.

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Scene01 Welcome to Ogoto Hot Spring Yumotokan

An atrium garden welcomes you, wishing to give a peaceful atmosphere to a tired traveler.

an entrance hall built in wellhole style

cafe Please enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee at Café "Hanaunsui".

Scene02 Enjoy Visiting Our Seven Hot Spring Baths

  • Indoor Bath with Lake View/Kobo-no-yu
  • Open-air Bath on Top Floor/Gesshin-no-yu
  • Open-air Bath/Togenshoyo
Two Private Open-air Baths/Ki-no-Ka/Ishi-no-Ne
 Gesshin Building Third Floor /shougetsu 360°VIEW click

Scene03 Savor Our Authentic Dishes

  Gesshin Building Third Floor/Kisshotei You can enjoy fresh high quality local ingredients from the Lake Biwa region in the different types of restaurants.

  • meal
  • meal

 South Building Second Floor Shousoutei  South Building Fourth Floor Aya

Scene04 The ultimate relaxation that provides healing for body and mind.

Spa Esthetic Salon Yu Spa Esthetic Salon Yu Yumotokan's hospitality×Ayurveda×Hot spring The ultimate relaxation that provides healing for body and mind.

Create a more beautiful and healthier you.
The first salon in Ogoto Onsen to adopt Ayurveda.
Experience the essence of traditional medicine.

* Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that originated in India. It is a daily healthcare wisdom, so to speak, that creates resilience in the body and mind. * We recommend you take the Dosha test in advance, if you would like to have a deeper understanding of your overall condition.

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herbal oilsTreatment
Ayurveda is a treatment to rejuvenate and purify your body and mind. Using high-grade herbal oils selected to suit the individual's overall condition, a therapist with genuine Sri Lanka technique provides a deep and thorough treatment.
  • Advance reservation privilege Make a reservation 5 days in advance, and receive a 10-minute extension.
    (Only for treatments of 5,000 yen or more)
    * This service is unavailable during busy seasons such as Obon holidays (August 11th to 16th) and around New Year's (December 28th to January 3rd).
  • Things you should know about Ayurveda before making a reservation We recommend having the Ayurveda treatment before a meal. The earlier the treatment,
    the more the excretion of waste products is promoted.
    Your body will feel light for longer if you drink plain hot water and detox by perspiring thoroughly in the hot spring.

* All prices are exclusive of tax. Prices include treatment oil.

【Full body care】
* Herbal oil treatment from head to toe (except the face).Includes the neck, shoulders, and decollete.
Standard Body Treatment90 minutes18,900 yen

For those who want to detox thoroughly and drain away the stiffness.
For those who want a thorough massage of the head, or who are bothered by a tense back, back ache, puffy legs/feet, or stiff neck and shoulders.
* This treatment provides high satisfaction through detox effects and a hand massage to alleviate stiffness.
This popular treatment is also suitable for men.

Short treatment (body & head)65 minutes14,500 yen

Releases your entire body from accumulated fatigue and improves circulation. Detoxes your entire body and alleviates sensitivity to cold, puffiness, and dry skin.

Short treatment (body only)55 minutes13,500 yen

A casual treatment suitable for those receiving an oil treatment for the first time. Recommended if you want relief from stiffness in your shoulders and puffy legs/feet.

【Care for body areas】
Intensive treatment (back & decollete)40 minutes9,710 yen

An intensive treatment for the back, neck, shoulders, and decollete. The stiffness in your neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, and lumbar is massaged away, and your back regains its straightness.

Intensive treatment (back)30 minutes7,710 yen

For those who want to freshen up in a short period of time. The stiffness in your back, shoulders, and around the shoulder blades is massaged away

Foot care treatment25 minutes6,700 yen

Herbal oils are made to penetrate thoroughly, eliminating problems in your legs/feet. For those who have puffy, dry, tired feet, or feel fatigue from everyday standing work.

Ayurveda Hot spring

【Facial treatments】
* Includes head, neck, and shoulders.
Lift up facial treatment45 minutes 11,000 yen

Results-oriented facial treatment which makes your face appear smaller. Your facial muscles are stimulated. Accumulated waste products are drained away and your facial expressions become gentler through the softening of your muscles.

Also recommended for those with concerns about eyestrain and smile lines. * Results may differ from person to person.

Abhyanga facial treatment35 minutes8,500 yen

An ample amount of beautifying oil is used to relieve your face from tension and puffiness. Recommended if you feel you are under a lot of stress and want to regain your composure.
* Includes some work on the decollete area, but if you want a more thorough treatment of your neck and shoulders, please add the decollete as an option.

* High-grade oil (face) ... Kumkumadi tailam We use beautifying oil together with oil that is formulated with very rare saffron. Recommended as an anti‐inflammatory, or if you are suffering from pimples, acne, pigment spots, or dry skin.

【Head care】
Ultimate Shiro Abhyanga treatment60 minutes13,000 yen

* Includes the head, face, neck, and shoulders.
Herbal oils are generously applied to your head, and the tension is massaged away from your scalp. For those who are exhausted from working day in, day out. Improves eyestrain and headaches, and regulates the autonomic nerves.
Experience the amazing sensation of your head actually becoming lighter.
Also recommended for men.

Shirodhara treatment45 minutes 11,000 yen

This ultimate healing is also known as a treatment for the brain. The autonomic nerves and hormonal balance are regulated through the pouring of oil over the forehead.

【Shiatsu & marma stimulation body care】
Stimulates muscles and marma (pressure points) to drain away waste products that have accumulated in the body.
* Herbal oil treatment is recommended for persistent fatigue.
Full treatment (full body)100 minutes10,000 yen
Standard treatment (full body)70 minutes 7,700 yen
Short treatment (full body)50 minutes 5,500 yen
Intensive body area treatment30 minutes3,800 yen
10-minute extension1,000 yen
【Options】* Herbal oil treatment
Extending treatment duration10 minutes +2,000 yen
* To extend the length of treatment for areas of the body included in the treatment program.(Which areas may vary depending on the treatment program.)
Adding to a treatment10 minutes +2,500 yen
* For customers who request treatment on areas of the body that are not included in the treatment program.
Gharshana (silk brushing)10 minutes 1,500 yen
High-grade oil (face)+2,000 yen
Synchronized double-hand
(full body care treatment)
+3,000 yen

What is "Synchronized double-hand?" Two therapists work in sync from the left and right to heal your whole body. A technique only possible with Ayurveda! Four hands envelop your whole body to relieve stiffness and fatigue in a short period of time. Ayurveda's detoxing effects get to work on the weariness in the muscles and organs beneath your skin, providing a pleasant sensation at the same time.
* When reservations are made on the day, we may not be fully able to accommodate requests. Please contact us.

Day trip plans

Plans that include the use of the in-house hot spring baths before / after the treatment. Dosha tests are available for day trip guests upon request.
Treatment price + 1,600 yen
Example)Short body treatment (plan with hot spring) 55 minutes 15,100 yen/Facial treatment (with hot spring) 35 minutes 10,100 yen

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