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Alittle treat for yourself  Heal and pamper your whole body

Yuu: Link, Crystal, Connection

We offer you the ultimate relaxation time.

Spa-esthe Yuu

You can experience the talked-about Aroma massage and Ayurveda that is the first appearance in Ogoto Hot Spring.

Spa-esthe Yuu Spa-esthe Yuu

Spa course Information

Course Name TimeCharge(Tax excluded)For detiails
Ayurveda1Trial Course30 minutes 5,500 yenSpa Course Information
2Short Body Course 50 minutes 9,300 yen
3Standard Body Course90 minutes 16,800 yen
4 Excellent Body Course60 minutes 20,000 yen
Shirodhara5 Shirodhara Course45 minutes 8,000 yenSpa Course detials
Facial Massage6Facial Course30 minutes 5,500 yenCourse detials
7Graded Up Facial Course30 minutes 6,500 yen
Aroma Foot Massage 8Short Course20+5 minutes 2,800 yenCourse detials
9Standard Course40+5 minutes 4,800 yen
10Long Course60+5 minutes 6,800 yen
Relaxation Massage 11Part Body Intensive Course30 minutes 2,800 yenCourse detials
12Full Body Short Course45 minutes 4,200 yen
13Full Body Standard Course60 minutes 5,600 yen
14Full Body Long Course90 minutes 8,500 yen


Ayurveda treatment for releasing toxins and stimulating metabolism
* Ayurveda – the science of life – is an ancient Indian system of holistic medicine.

Trial Course (30 minutes) Treatment for upper body or lower body
Short Body Course (50 minutes) Full body oil treatment
Standard Body Course (90 minutes) Full body intensive treatment focused on tired parts of the body
excellent Body Course (60 minutes) Two therapists to work on both sides of your body at the same time. This course gives you more relaxation effects than standard body course.


After a head massage, warm oil is gently poured over the forehead. Shirodhara relieves tension and promotes deep relaxation.
* Please arrive in your Yukata if you are a guest at Yumotokan.

Facial Massage

Massaging the lymph and the muscle of your face to prevent and reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and slack skin.
* Please remove your makeup before appointment.

Facial Course (30 minutes) Treatment with herbal oil
Graded Up Facial Course (30 minutes) In addition to normal oil, we use rich oils with beauty effects.

Aroma Foot Massage

Treatment for lower legs and feet
This treatment minimizes swelling and heaviness in the legs with aroma oil selected for your condition.
Short Course (5 minutes + 20 minutes) Treatment from your knee to your toe. After a 5-minute foot bath, we give you a massage with an aroma oil.
Standard Course (5 minutes + 40 minutes)
Long Course (5 minutes + 60 minutes)

Relaxation Massage

Massage designed to stimulate the lymph and acupressure points, alleviating muscle stiffness and giving you an immediate effect on a stiff shoulder and backache.

Part Body Intensive Course (30 minutes) Massage especially for tired parts of your body
Full Body Short Course (45 minutes) Light pressure full body massage
Full Body Standard Course (60 minutes) Intensive full body massage
Full Body Long Course (90 minutes) Intensive full body massage focused on tired parts of the body
Spa Yuu Lobby,Cafe,Gift Shop Arcade,Mahjong room
Night Lounge,Karaoke Room,Local Sake and Ramen Harmony Hall,Banquet Hall
Restaurant Shougetsu Shousoutei Aya Kisshotei
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